Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring is in the air...

Happy Spring! Frohe Frühling! Spring is here which means it's time to get outdoors and plant some seeds! 

The name 'Spring' for the season is a newish term. The Old English called this season Lencten, which is where the church got the word Lent from. However this wasn't a christian term but derives from the Germanic *langitinaz meaning long-days. This was a reference to the length of daylight, which is now longer than the period of night. This of course lasts until the Sonnenwende which is the longest day. 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Leben Rune

I did a google search for an image for the previous post, I was looking for a natural inspired life rune form. The first entry for the search was the ADL's 'hate on display' interpretation of the rune. What do these people know? Who are they to demonise our faith? The runes are manifestations of Aryan Will. They are the Key to the Aryan Psyche. They are rooted in Aryan World History and a Gift from the Aryan-God Odin. The runes are Alien to all other peoples.

So lets ignore what the outsiders tell of our beliefs and have a look at the origins of the meaning of this rune. 

The Life rune is widely used and understood to be a symbol of upwards growth, of spirituality awaking and racial well being - hence it became a symbol used by various National Socialist nursing and auxiliary movements prior and during the Second Brothers War.

 Life rune emblem upon a red 'A' (for Apotheke or pharmacy)

The rune poems call this rune Algiz and Elhaz, but the most common name for the rune is the Life rune or Lebenrune. The gods bestowed life into our volk, and this is the position we stand in when we face our gods. We never bow or kneel, for we are not slaves nor sheep but equals before our makers. We celebrate life and choose to pursue higher levels of conscience and awareness. God dwells within all life, within our blood and we as Aryans celebrate our connection with the divine by choosing to live as close with nature as we possibly can. 

The root of the word Life comes from the Indo-European word *leip, which became the Proto-Germanic *libam. This gives the Germanic world the words  Old Norse lif -life, body; Old Frisian and Old Saxon lif - life, person, body; Dutch lijf  -body; Old High German lib -life.

Already we can see the two major aspects of the rune - 'Life' and 'the living body'. The German word Leben (life) is rooted in Lieb (body) - thus the rune embodies the holistic and Germanic quality of life, which is living life to your fullest, eating and living a healthy lifestyle, being whole in body and in mind.  It is this aspect of the rune that List expanded upon - for the Life rune is the 'Man' rune of Armanen runes. Man is the embodiment of Lieb. Himmler used the Armanen Life rune to remember those SS men who gave their lives to the National Socialist struggle. 

“Pagans are those who say Yes to life,
those for whom ‘God’ is the word
that expresses the great Yes to all things.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

As National Socialists we follow no other voice than the voice of Nature
 and no other ethic than the ethic of Nature,
 and we know only one mortal sin: to try to revolt against this ethic.

Povl Heinrich Riis-Knudsen, National Socialism: The Biological Worldview 

Friday, 3 March 2017

All nature is a gigantic struggle between strength and weakness,
an eternal victory of the strong over the weak.

—Adolf Hitler

Monday, 20 February 2017

Thule is Rising
The Black Sun is shining
Rudra is hunting
and Kali is smiling.

Thule is Rising
The Wind-Swept Tree's shaking
Shiva is dancing
and Orion is waking.

Thule is Rising
The Third Eye is seeing
Vidar is speaking
and Himmler is gleaming.

Thule is Rising
The Three Norns are weaving
Ostara is singing
and the Wanderer's healing.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Isa - Is - the Ice rune

I know stories of some people using this rune - invoking this rune - and this is something you should never do lightly. Isa is a powerful rune. Its simplicity is the key here. A single straight stave, the icicle, the individual, being alone, the 'I'.  Invoking this rune can leave those who invoke it feeling paranoid as friends and family desert them.

To invoke Isa is to invoke isolation. And this seems to be the very root of the rune. We connect the rune with Ice and the rune poems tell of its icy properties. But this is just a poetic translation, for the harsh winters of the North would have left the families and communities isolated.

Isolated is rooted in 'Isa' and we can see an example in the old French word  isolé (Isolate). The word has evolved and used in English in the words isle and island, The name 'Iceland' is probably the best example of how the name invokes both meanings of the root - Icy and Isolated! 

Monday, 30 January 2017

I've added a new link here to the Black Order. The original group from NZ was very similar to the White Order of Thule (USA) and  I'm sure many readers will be interested in their work. I have some of their early publications somewhere, and will post some photos later.